Michigan's Premier

Trading Organization

Specializing in financial market education and career development 




  • Learn how to break into finance

  • Become part of a dedicated and growing student group

  • Help manage our equities portfolio



  • Weekly industry-specific sector updates

  • Learn about macroeconomic events

  • Learn how to pitch a stock

  • Understand fundamentals of market movements

  • Join a semester-long sector stock pitch team 



  • Build connections with our alumni

  • Develop friendships with your peers



        Apex Trading Group was founded in 2014 with the goal of fostering financial literacy on a University-wide scale. Our organization began as a group of like-minded individuals seeking the opportunity to create a portfolio management club with an emphasis on money management and education. Since then, we have developed into a robust and vibrant community while maintaining a small and intimate club environment. 

        We use action-based learning to teach the basics of finance. For new members, we offer a series of semester-long professional development classes, which material of financial accounting, résumé workshops, networking practice, financial modeling, and more.

        Everything we do focuses on one idea: educating our members. We provide  opportunities for leadership positions to transform students into  financial leaders. If you want a psychologically safe environment focused on portfolio management, professional maturation, and building lifelong connections with the students around you, ATG is the student organization for you.



Hayden Kibbey
Jin-Hwan Ro
Vice President
Corey Zhou
Vice President of Internal Operations
Chloe Valentino
Co-Vice President of Professional Development
Arjun Sherwal
Co-Vice President of Professional Development
April Muench
Co-Vice President of Investments
Shrey Devulapalli
Co-Vice President of Investments
Dylan Ajello
Vice President of Social
Audrey Xu
Vice President of Membership



Email: apextradingmembership@gmail.com

We are happy to answer any questions that you may have about our club!


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